Mayor's Corner
Mayor Jack Brown

We have filled the vacant council seats with Charles Zappa and David (Gravy) May.


The park lighting will be November 25th from 6 to 8pm. We will be having wagon rides and there will be special guests.


Food Pantry for the month of November will be the 16th, 17th, & 18th. 

The dates were moved up one week because of Thanksgiving.

The last regular brush pickup will be the first Monday in November.  November 7th.

The village will no longer be taking any wood bigger than 4 inches in diameter or longer than 8 foot.

The brush pick up will start up again in the spring.

If you have a tree topped or cut down, you’re responsible to get rid of the brush and wood hauled.

The village will pick up brush in case of a storm after November.

The village will again be picking up leaves if they’re bagged and set out by the street.   They will be picking up leaves until the end of November.

We have had some water line leaks around town that went unnoticed for a while until they surfaced so if at any time you feel that your water pressure is less than it has been, please call the utility office so that Jeff can check to see if there is a leak on your line.

There have been times when the power has been off in one section while the rest of the town has power but no one has let us know.  If you power is out, let us know at the utility office.  If it’s after hours or a holiday or weekend call the Sherriff’s Office at 419-238-3866 so they can notify us of the outage.

Have a good month.

Mayor Jack Brown